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Family Dispute Mediation in Salem OR

Couple being consulted - Family Mediation in Salem, OR
Mediation provides a structured process and a trained, experienced neutral to assist parties in sorting out problems and making arrangements for themselves. The parties maintain control of the outcome, whether it is establishing custody and parenting time, obtaining a divorce, or resolving any other dispute. Divorce accomplished through mediation with a law-trained mediator usually costs less and takes less time than adversarial divorce.
My mediation practice is limited to mediation of domestic relations cases or family issues. I have mediated over 1000 matters, working with parties who hire me privately, or by referral of a local circuit court, the Department of Human Services, or the Oregon Child Support Program. I am a member of and subscribe to the standards of the Oregon Mediation Association. I serve on the Marion County Circuit Court's Family Law Advisory Committee, and am Co-Chair of the Mediation Subcommittee of the State Family Law Advisory Committee.
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