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Parent Education Services in Salem OR

I offer education and consultation to parents involved in the legal system.

Circle of Security.

I am a registered Circle of Security Parent Educator, and hold classes periodically. The Circle of Security is a parenting approach grounded in attachment theory and research, and bolsters parents' understanding of children's needs, and grows their ability to respond in helpful ways. We can be baffled and distressed by how our children act; COS clarifies how all behavior expresses a need. In one way or another, the need is for connection. We can all cultivate capacity for connection.
Family having a good time - Family Mediation in Salem, OR

Full Circle.

I also work with parents who live apart and experience frequent conflict or upset in their co-parenting relationship. Children need their parents to be calm and cooperative, and this can be a tall order. The program for co-parents is called “Full Circle”, and it cultivates effective functioning in the context of a parent-business relationship. Full Circle incorporates Circle of Security material, mindfulness, and a variety of activities and exercises to build skills in managing emotions, thoughts, and behavior. This program involves six weekly sessions that can be taken individually, co-parents together, or in a group setting. Sliding scale fee schedule.
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